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Culture, War and Events in Asia


The history of Asia is filled with crucial events and cultural advances. Battles decided the fate of nations, wars rewrote the continent's maps, protests rocked governments, natural disasters afflicted the people, great inventions improved everyday life and new arts brought enjoyment and expression to the peoples of Asia.
  1. Battles and Wars
  2. Protests and Massacres
  3. Natural Disasters
  1. Asian Arts
  2. Cultural History
  3. Asian Inventions

Battles and Wars

A WASP pilot in the Korean War

Learn more about key battles and the many wars that have occurred in Asia over the past several thousand years.

Protests and Massacres

From the An-Lushan Uprising in the 8th century to the Quit India movement of the 20th and beyond, Asian people have come out in protest of their governments innumerable times. Unfortunately, those governments sometimes react by cracking down on the protestors - which can turn into a massacre. Learn more about Asian protests and massacres here.

Natural Disasters

Anak Krakatau, the Son of Krakatoa. Indonesia.

Asia is a tectonically active place, with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis among the dangers inherent to the area. To make life even more precarious, monsoon floods, typhoons, sandstorms and endless droughts can afflict different parts of Asia. Sometimes, these natural forces influence the history of entire nations.

Asian Arts

Beijing Opera performer in China

The creative minds of Asia have brought the world a huge number of stunningly beautiful art forms. Explore the history of different types of Asian music, theater, dance, painting, pottery and more here.

Cultural History

Japanese Noblewoman

Great leaders and wars, earthquakes and typhoons - these things are interesting, but what about the lives of everyday people in Asian history? Learn more about the concerns, the fashions and the lifestyles of ordinary Asians throughout the centuries.

Asian Inventions

Asian scientists and tinkerers have invented an enormous number of useful things, including some that you no doubt use every day. Learn more about these Asian inventions here!

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