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North Korea's Ground Assault Begins

June - July 1950


Encouraged by the U.S.'s lacksadaisical approach to Korean affairs, and supported by the Soviet Union and newly-Communist China, North Korea invades South Korea in a bid to unify the country under Communist rule.

June 25, 1950- UN Security Council Resolution calls for immediate ceasefire

June 26, 1950- N.K. takes Uijongbu; South's Pres. Syngman Rhee flees Seoul

June 27, 1950- UN Security Council calls for military support of S. Korea

June 27, 1950- U.S. Air Force shoots down three North Korean aircraft

June 28, 1950- S. K. Army blows up Han River Bridge killing 500-800 Seoulites

June 28, 1950- North Korean forces enter Seoul; city is taken at midnight

June 29, 1950- First 33 U.S. ground troops arrive in Suwon

July 1, 1950- U.S. command is based at Taejon, well south of Seoul

July 3, 1950- North Korea captures Incheon and Yongdungpo

July 5, 1950- North Korea defeats U.S. force near Osan; 165 U.S. casualties

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