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Timeline of the Vietnam War: 1967-1968

Protests, the Tet Offensive, and My Lai


U.S. General Westmoreland begged for more troops as the Viet Cong launched the Tet Offensive, a coordinated attack on more than 30 sites in South Vietnam. Anti-war protests grew ever larger and louder; the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. denounced the war. Then, U.S. troops commited a hideous war crime, slaughtering 300-500 unarmed Vietnamese civilians (mostly women and children) at My Lai.

Jan. 8-26, 1967- Operation Cedar Falls to clear V.C. from "Iron Triangle"

Feb.22-May 14, 1967- Operation Junction City, N. Vietnamese Army to Cambodia

April 15, 1967- 200,000 anti-war protestors march in New York and San Francisco

July 1967- Gen. Westmoreland asks for 200,000 more troops; gets only 45,000

Sept. 1967- Nguyen Van Thieu elected president of S. Vietnam

Oct. 21-23, 1967- 50,000 anti-war protestors march in Washington, D.C.

Jan. 21, 1968- 6 month long Battle of Khe Sanh begins

Jan. 31, 1968- 84,000 V.C. attack 30 S. Vietnamese sites in Tet Offensive

March 22, 1968- Gen. Creighton Abrams takes over command from Gen. Westmoreland

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