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Timeline of Vietnam: 1945-1946

Post-World War II Chaos


After World War II, former colonial power France assumed that it would be given control over Southeast Asia (Indochina) once more. However, the people of Southeast Asia had other ideas. Chaos ensued as different armed groups sought to clean-up after the World War, reimpose French rule, or resist Vietnam's return to colonial status.

Sept. 1945- U.S. OSS officers under Lt. Peter Dewey spy and free Allied POWs

Sept. 2, 1945- Japan formally surrenders at Tokyo Bay, ending WWII in Pacific

Sept. 13, 1945- British troops arrive in Saigon. 150,000 Chinese loot Hanoi.

Sept. 16, 1945- Lt. Dewey mistakenly killed at roadblock by Viet Minh

Oct. 1945- Gen. Leclerc and 35,000 French land, expel Viet Minh from Saigon

Feb. 1946- Chiang Kaishek withdraws Chinese from Vietnam, exchange for Shanghai

May-Sept. 1946- Ho Chi Minh tries to negotiate end of French rule in Vietnam

June 1946- French establish "Republic of Chochinchina" in South Vietnam

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