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Timeline of the Vietnam War: 1971-1975

The U.S. Withdraws and Saigon Falls to the Northern Vietnamese Army


The U.S. withdraws and leaves South Vietnam to its fate. POWs are repatriated, and the Southern capital at Saigon falls in 1975. Vietnam is unified as the Independent Socialist Republic of Vietnam, a communist nation.

May 3-5, 1971- Mass arrest of 12,000 protestors in Washington D.C.

Dec. 17, 1971- U.S. troop levels in Vietnam fall to 156,800

April 30, 1972- Troop levels drop to 69,000

Dec. 28, 1972- N. Vietnam calls for new round of peace talks at Paris

Jan. 27, 1973- Paris Peace Accord signed; cease-fire in effect following day

March 29, 1973- Last U.S. combat troops leave Vietnam

Feb.-April 1973- U.S. POWs exchanged for N. Vietnamese prisoners

Sept. 16, 1974- Pres. Ford offers clemency for draft-dodgers and deserters

April 29-30, 1975- Fall of Saigon; U.S. evacuates personnel from embassy

April 30, 1975- S. Vietnam surrenders; two halves united as Socialist Republic

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