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Timeline of the Vietnam War: 1965-1966

Anti-war Backlash in the U.S. and Abroad


U.S. public opinion began to turn against the war after graphic TV news coverage of Marines attacking Da Nang, plus news that downed U.S. pilots were being paraded through the streets of Hanoi, N. Vietnam. Anti-war rallies gathered tens of thousands of protestors in cities across the country and around the world.

April 17, 1965- 15,000 anti-war protestors demonstrate in Washington D.C.

June 1965- Coup in S. Vietnam; the country's 10th government in 2 years

July 28, 1965- U.S. draft call-ups doubled to 35,000 per month

Aug. 3, 1965- Marine attacks on Da Nang shown on CBS; U.S. public shocked

Oct. 15-16, 1965- Anti-war protests in 40 U.S. cities and overseas capitals

November 14-16, 1965- Battle of Ia Drang Valley, 1st major fight in S. Vietnam

March 9, 1966- U.S. admits destroying 20,000 acres of crops to starve V.C.

1966- First B-52 strikes against N. Vietnam; planes carry up to 100 bombs each

July 6, 1966- Captured U.S. pilots paraded through streets of Hanoi

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