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At the close of World War II, the victorious Allied Powers did not know what to do with the Korean Peninsula. Korea had been a Japanese colony since the late nineteenth century, so westerners thought the country incapable of self-rule.

The Korean people, however, were eager to re-establish an independent nation of Korea.

Russia moved in to North Korea to "maintain order," while the United States took control of South Korea. Soon, the North Korean leader, Kim Il-sung, decided to seize South Korea as well, and establish a united communist nation.

In June of 1950, North Korea launched an attack across the 38th Parallel, touching off the Korean War.

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Soldier fires a bazooka, Osan, South Korea. July 5, 1950.A South Korean bazooka team fires near Osan, South KoreaU.S. troops about to cede Taejon to the communists, July 21, 1950.Last-ditch defense before the Fall of Taejon, South Korea, to North KoreansBombing of the Kum River Bridge near Taejon, South Korea. August 6, 1950.UN forces blow up bridge over Kum River, near TaejonMedivac of wounded soldiers, Korean War, July 28, 1950.Wounded U.S. soldiers get airlifted out of Korea
Oxcarts and pedestrians flow out of Pohang, as residents flee the approaching North Korean Army.Refugees stream out of Pohang, on the east coast of South KoreaRefugee looks nervous as police go through his pack, Pohang, South Korea. August, 1950.Police search fearful Pohang refugees, looking for North Korean infiltratorsWounded Republic of Korea soldiers are tended by their fellows, July 28, 1950.South Korean soldiers try to comfort their wounded comradesGrief-stricken soldier is comforted at Haktong-ni, August 28, 1950.A soldier collapses with grief after his buddy dies at Haktong-ni
Reinstatement of South Korean President Syngman Rhee in Seoul, September 29, 1950.South Korean President Syngman Rhee returns to Seoul after the North retreatsU.S.S. Toledo bombards east coast of Korea, 1950.Naval bombardment by U.S.S. Toledo during the Korean WarPrisoners exercise at a camp for North Korean POWs, August 10, 1950.North Korean POWs exercise at a prisoner of war campPyongyang railyard after heavy bombardment, October 25, 1950.Bomb damage to the railyard at Pyongyang, North Korea
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