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Mao Zedong

Biography and timelines of Chinese Communist leader Mao Zedong's life.

Biography of Mao Zedong
Biography of Mao Zedong, founder of the People's Republic of China.

Single Page Timeline of Mao Zedong's Life
A compact timeline of Mao Zedong's life, from a humble birth through the founding of the People's Republic of China, to the disaster of the Great Leap Forward and beyond.

Mao Zedong's Early Life
Mao Zedong was born to a wealthy farming family, and lived an ordinary rural life as a child. His parents had enough money to educate their son, however, and he decided that he was destined for greater things.

Mao Learns about Marxism, Turns from Nationalism to Communism
After graduating from college, Mao became a library assistant, read Marx, and then became a Communist militia leader in opposition to his former party, the Kuomintang (KMT) or Nationalist party.

Mao Zedong Gathers Power and Fame
As the Chinese Civil War heats up, Mao Zedong gathers soldiers and power to himself. Even the Second Sino-Japanese War could not really distract China's Communists and Nationalists from fighting with one another.

Chairman Mao of the People's Republic of China
The Communist victory in the Chinese Civil War lead Mao to the Chairmanship of the new People's Republic of China.

Mao in the First Decade of the People's Republic of China
After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong and his allies soon found out that running an insurgent army and running an enormous country were two entirely different matters.

Mao Zedong's Troubles at Home and Abroad
As he moved into his later years, Mao Zedong faced increasing political turmoil and pressure both within the People's Republic of China and from without. Relations with two large neighbors - the Soviet Union and India - devolved into shooting wars, while internal dissent increased as the death toll from the Great Leap Forward became apparent.

Mao's Decline and Death
Afflicted with health problems, Mao moved from being the guiding force of the Chinese Communist Party to being a sort of figure-head in his declining years. Meanwhile, reformers within the party fought for control with the reactionary Gang of Four, lead by Mao's wife, Jiang Qing.

Mao Zedong - Timeline of his Life
Mao Zedong was born to a relatively wealthy peasant family in the waning days of the nineteenth century, as China's last dynasty crumbled from within. With charisma, luck and ruthlessness, Mao rose to be the founding leader of a new Communist nation, the People's Republic of China. This timeline highlights the most important events of his...

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