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Attila the Hun

Biography and timelines describing the rise of the Huns, Attila the Hun's reign, and their downfall. Also shows the final collapse of the Roman Empire, due in part to Attila and his troops.

Timeline: Attila the Hun
Single-page timeline of the history of the Huns, with emphasis on the reign of Attila the Hun.

The Huns Before Attila: From the Rise of the Xiongnu to the B…
The Huns swept into Europe in the 4th century A.D., seemingly out of nowhere. In fact, however, they were descendants of the western Xiongnu, a fierce tribe from Mongolia that had bedeviled the Chinese Empire... and inspired the construction of the Great Wall of China.

The Huns Under Attila's Uncle Rua, Mercenaries of Rome
During the reign of Attila's uncle Rua, the Huns developed a complicated relationship with the two halves of the Roman Empire. On the one hand, Rua extracted tribute from the Eastern Roman Empire, centered at Constantinople. On the other, the Western Roman Empire, based in Rome itself, hired the Huns as mercenaries in its fight against the Vandals, Franks, and Burgundians.

The Co-Rule of Bleda and Attila
For eleven years, Attila shared power over the Huns with his older brother Bleda. At the end of that period, Bleda mysteriously died, leaving Attila the one and only King of the Huns.

Attila and his Huns Humble the Romans
Unified under a single strong and skillful leader, the Huns soon overran the Balkans, Germany and France. Their advance was only checked by a defeat at the hands of Attila's former ally, Aetius, and the Visigoths at the Battle of Catalaunian Fields.

The Death of Attila and the Fall of the Huns
Just when Attila was at the height of his power, extending his hand even into Italy itself, he suddenly died. Just sixteen years later, the Huns disappear from the historical record (although some people think they founded the nation of Bulgaria).

Biography of Attila the Hun
Attila the Hun was called the "Scourge of God" by the Romans, and his army helped to hasten the Fall of Rome. Find out about the life and times of this most famous of the Huns.

Timeline: Attila the Hun
Attila the Hun led his people to dominate the late Roman Empire, extracting tribute from the Romans and sacking their cities. This timeline illustrates the major events in Attila's life, as well as the rise and fall of the Huns in Europe.

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