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Crown Prince Euimin

Photo c. 1910-1920


Yi Eun was taken to Japan at the age of 10, and married to a Japanese princess

Korean Crown Prince Yi Eun in Japanese Imperial Army uniform.

Library of Congress Prints and Photos, George G. Bain Collection

This photo of Korea's Crown Prince Euimin shows him again in his Japanese Imperial Army uniform, just like the previous picture of him as a child. Crown Prince Euimin served in the Japanese Imperial Army and Army Air Force during World War II, and was a member of Japan's Supreme War Council.

In 1910, Japan formally annexed Korea and forced Emperor Sunjong to abdicate. (Sunjong was Euimin's older half-brother.) Crown Prince Euimin became a pretender to the throne.

After 1945, when Korea became independent of Japan again, Crown Prince Euimin sought to return to the land of his birth. Because of his close ties with Japan, permission was refused. He was finally allowed back in 1963, but had already fallen into a coma. He died in 1970, having spent the final seven years of his life in the hospital.

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