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Important People in Asian History


The history of Asia has been shaped for thousands of years by larger-than-life personalities. From the fierce world conquerors and brilliant philosophers of long ago, to the political leaders and humanitarians of today, explore the world of famous Asian historical figures.
  1. People of China
  2. People of India
  3. People of Japan
  4. People of Korea
  5. People of the Philippines
  1. People of Central Asia
  2. People of Southeast Asia
  3. People of South Asia
  4. People of the Middle East / Asia Minor
  5. Non-Asian People in Asia

People of China

Ming Empire's Wanli Emperor

With one of the longest recorded histories in the world, China has supplied us with the stories of many great leaders, philosophers and thinkers.

People of India

India is a center of human civilization, and the birthplace of several world religions. Learn about great Indian emperors, artists, humanitarians and anti-imperial leaders here.

People of Japan

Actor as samurai

Japan is famous for its samurai and ninja. However, there have been many other amazing leaders, thinkers and artists in Japanese history, as well.

People of Korea

The Korean peninsula has long exerted a quiet but significant influence on the rest of Asia. Learn more about the leaders, artists and inventors who have made Korea great.

People of the Philippines

The Philippines has had a tumultuous history over the past couple of centuries, and its politics continue to warrant attention today. Learn more about the movers and shakers of Filipino history here.

People of Central Asia

Mongolia's Genghis Khan

Central Asia is a wide, sparsely-populated region of harsh deserts and high mountains. Despite its forbidding terrain, or perhaps because of it, Central Asia has produced some incredible historical figures.

People of Southeast Asia

Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi

The nations of Southeast Asia are fascinating, with their intricate dynastic histories and their blend of Buddhist and Hindu beliefs, with in some areas an overlay of Islam. Learn about the outstanding personalities of Southeast Asia here.

People of South Asia

The mountain realms of Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, and Afghanistan, as well as Pakistan and Bangladesh, are some of the most fascinating places on Earth. Learn about leaders and thinkers from this region here.

People of the Middle East / Asia Minor

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah

The Middle East has long been a site of conflict and innovation, as the hinge between Asia, Africa and Europe. Learn about the important rulers, thinkers and poets of the Middle East and Asia Minor here.

Non-Asian People in Asia

From the ancient Tocharians to Marco Polo to Jeff Widener, who photographed the "Tank Man" in Tiananmen Square during June of 1989, outsiders have had a significant impact on the history of Asia.

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