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Muslim Rule in India

1206 - 1398 CE


Muslim rule extended over much of India during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries CE. The subcontinent also faced invasions by famed Central Asian conquerors Genghis Khan and Timur the Lame (Tamerlane).

1206-1526 - Delhi Sultanate Rules India; Founded by Qutub-ud-din Aibak

1250 - Chola Dynasty Falls to Pandyans in South India

1290 - Khilji Family Takes Over Delhi Sultanate under Jalal ud-Din Firuz

1297 - Battle of Jalandhar; Gen. Zafar Khan of Khilji Defeats Mongols

1325 - Turkic Ruler Muhammad bin Tughlaq Takes Delhi Sultanate

1336-1646 - Reign of Vijayanagara Empire, Hindu Kingdom of Southern India

1347 - Bahmani Kingdom Founded on Deccan Plateau; Lasts until 1527

1370 - Vijayanagara Kingdom Conquers Muslim Sultanate of Madura

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