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Governmental and Legal Systems of Asia

Describes the multitude of governmental and legal systems that have ruled Asia, including traditional and modern constitutional monarchies, theocracies, democracies, and dictatorships. Also addresses the roles of communism, socialism, and capitalism in the recent history of Asia.

The Worst Taxes Ever
Each year, people in the modern world fret and groan about paying their taxes. Yes, it can be painful - but at least your government only demands money! At other points in history, governments have imposed much harsher demands on their citizens. Learn more about some of the worst taxes ever.

Indian Castes and Feudal Japanese Classes
India's caste system was based on Hinduism, while feudal Japan's four-tiered class structure sprang out of Confucian thought. Nonetheless, the two were remarkably similar in some ways. Compare India's caste system and Japan's four-tiered class structure.

What Does the Japanese Emperor Actually Do?
Description of the official functions and daily life of the modern Japanese Emperor.

Asia's Five Worst Dictators
Five examples of very poor governance in Asia; these men rule their Asian nations through fear and violence.

Government Structure of the Islamic Republic of Iran
Since the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran has had a very complex governmental structure. Learn about the different players, both clerical and political, here.

What is the difference between communism and socialism? Learn the answer...
What is the difference between communism and socialism? Learn the answer here.

Answer to the question What was the Domino Theory from your About.com Guide...
Answer to the question What was the Domino Theory from your About.com Guide to Asian History.

Criminal Procedure in South Korea
Describes the traditional procedure for conducting a criminal trial in South Korea. This procedure is changing as of February, 2008 to include the option of a jury trial.

Russia under Vladimir Putin
Stephen Kotkin explores the question of whether Russia is becoming more of a democracy or a dictatorship under President Vladimir Putin.

Government and Law in the Philippines
Thoroughly outlines the governmental structure, legal system, and legal profession in the Philippines.

Nepal's Government in Transition
The BBC's Q&A about Nepal's transition from a monarchy to a republic, made necessary by the then-Crown Prince's massacre of most of the royal family in 2001.

The Sino-Soviet Split
The Sino-Soviet Split of 1960 had profound repercussions on other countries around the world. What caused China and the Soviet Union to break off diplomatic relations with one another?

The Emperors of Japan
List of the 125 emperors who have ruled Japan since prehistory - all members of the same family!

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