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What Is a Sunni?


Indonesia has the world's largest Muslim population

Sunni Muslim worshipers at the Istiqlal Mosque in Indonesia

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Sunni: A member of the larger of the two major divisions of Islam - the other being Shi'ism. Sunnism accepts the first four caliphs as the rightful successors of the Prophet Muhammad.

Islam split into Sunnis and Shias during the first Islamic civil war, 656-661. The Sunnis followed the caliphs, while the Shia followed Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law Ali instead.

Pronunciation: "SOO-nee"
Also Known As: Sunnism, Ahl as-Sunnah wa'l-Jama'h, Ahl as-Sunnah

"The Sunni Islamic Caliphate was abolished by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1924."

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