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Who Are the Rajput?


The Rajputs are northern India's warrior caste

Photo of a Rajput man in northern India, at an open-air camel market.

Koshyk on Flickr.com


Rajput: A member of northern India's Hindu warrior caste, living mainly in Rajastan, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

The word "Rajput" is a contracted form of raja, or "monarch," and putra, meaning "son." According to legend, only the first son of a king could inherit the kingdom, so the later sons became military leaders. From these younger sons was born the Rajput warrior caste.

The term "Rajaputra" was first mentioned around 300 B.C., in the Bhagvat Purana. The name gradually evolved to its current shortened form.


Pronunciation: "rahj-POOT"

Also Known As: Rajaputra


"The Rajputs live in northern India, and have served as Hindu India's first line of defense against waves of invaders from the north."

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