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Who Are the Gurkha?


These men are part of the Royal Gurkha Rifles, a British regiment

Nepalese Gurkha soldiers in the British Army.

Cate Gillon / Getty Images

Gurkha: A member of a Hindu Rajput people of Nepal, whose name comes from the warrior-saint Guru Gorakhnath.

The Gurkhas are famed as warriors, and both the Indian and British armies maintain Gurkha regiments. Indian Army Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw once said, "If a man says he is not afraid of dying, he is either lying or he is a Gurkha."

Pronunciation: "GUR-kuh"
Alternate Spellings: Gorkha, Ghurka

"The Gurkhas are among the most professional and disciplined soldiers in the UN's Peacekeeping forces."

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