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Where Is the Deccan Plateau?


The Deccan Plateau is a flat expanse in southern India.
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Deccan Plateau: The large central triangle of land on the Indian subcontinent, bounded by the Eastern and Western Ghat mountain ranges.

Between 1294 and the beginning of the British Raj in 1857, control of the Deccan Plateau went back and forth between Muslim and Hindu rulers at least five times. The Muslim Mughal Empire nominally ruled the region after 1608, through local tributary kings.

The word "Deccan" comes from the Sanskrit word daksina, meaning "southern."

Pronunciation: "DEK-uhn"

"The flat, dry Deccan Plateau was formed by sheets of magma that erupted from the earth between 65 and 67 million years ago; these eruptions may have played a role in the extinction of the dinosaurs."

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