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European and Regional Colonialism in Asia

Addresses the history of colonization in Asia, both from outside powers such as England, France, and the Netherlands, and from neighboring Asian countries.

Tibet and China: History of a Complex Relationship
Is Tibet part of China? History of the interactions between China and Tibet, including the unclear relationship between the two over time. Was Tibet really part of China before 1949, or was it an independent country?

The Tibetan Uprising of 1959
In 1950, the People's Republic of China overwhelmed Tibet, and brought it under Chinese control. In 1956, a Tibetan Uprising began. When China moved to crush the Uprising in 1959, the young Dalai Lama barely escaped with his life. He fled into exile in India.

The British Raj in India
Britain ruled over India between 1765 and 1857; in fact, the British Raj in India was called "the crown jewel of the British Empire." The Raj encompassed much of modern day Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Burma, as well as India proper.

The First and Second Opium Wars
In the mid-19th century, Britain attacked China twice to force it into trade concessions, in the First and Second Opium Wars. Learn more about these wars here.

Jose Rizal Biography
Jose Rizal was a brilliant and multi-talented man who took on the Spanish colonial government of the Philippines. His martyrdom helped spur on the Philippines Revolution of 1896-1898.

Nutmeg | The Unsavory History of a Tasty Spice
Nutmeg has a long and often tragic history. Learn about the unsavory history of a tasty spice here.

Comparative Colonization in Asia
European powers including the Dutch, British, French, and Portuguese established colonies in Asia, but they had very different styles of administration. See a comparison of different European colonies in Asia.

Portuguese Colonial Remains (1415-1800)
Provides a list of the material and cultural remnants of Portuguese colonization across Asia, from the Middle East to Southeast Asia.

Japan's Land Hunger Disappointed
A New York Times article from 1915 detailing Japanese plans to resettle their own farmers in the occupied Chinese region of Manchuria.

Spanish Colonialism in the Philippines
Gives a succinct history of Spanish colonialism in the Philippines between 1565 and 1898.

The Afghan / Pakistan Border
History of the troubled border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, also known as the Durand Line.

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