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List of China's Jin Dynasty Emperors

1115-1234 CE


The Jurchen people of northern China used their highly-effective cavalry fighters to establish control over lands formerly ruled by the Liao and Northern Song dynasties in the early twelfth century. They held on to their expanded realm until another group of able horsemen from the northern steppe, the Mongols, defeated them in 1233.

This was not the last time that the Jurchen would appear on the rolls of Chinese emperors, however. The ethnically-Manchu Qing Dynasty ruled from 1644 to 1911; "Manchu" is a later name for the Jurchen.

The emperors are listed by their given names and then their temple names.

China's Jin Dynasty Emperors

  • Wanyan Aguda, Taizu, 1115-1123

  • Wanyan Wuqimai, Taizong, 1123-1134

  • Wanyan Hela, Xizong, 1135-1149

  • Wanyan Digunai, no temple name, 1149-1161

  • Wanyan Wulu, Shizong, 1161-1189

  • Wanyan Jing, Zhangzong, 1189-1208

  • Wanyan Yongji, no temple name, 1208-1213

  • Wanyan Xun, Xuanzong, 1213-1224

  • Wanyan Shouxu, Aizong, 1224-1234

  • Wanyan Chenglin, no temple name, 1234

For more information, see the List of Chinese Dynasties.

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