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Tang Dynasty Emperors of China


The Tang Dynasty was one of the golden eras in Chinese history. It lasted almost three hundred years, and produced a number of important rulers.

The emperors are listed by their given names and reign names.

Tang Dynasty Emperors of China

  • Li Yuan, Wude Emperor, reign 618-626

  • Li Shimin, Zhenguan Emperor, r. 626-649

  • Li Zhi, Yonghui Emperor, r. 650-683

  • Li Xian, Sisheng Emperor, r. 684 and 705-710

  • Li Dan, Wenming Emperor, r. 684-690 and Jingyun Emperor, 710-712

  • Li Chong Mao, Tanglong Emperor, r. 710

  • Li Long Ji, Xiantian Emperor, r. 712-756

  • Li Heng, Zhide Emperor, r. 756-762

  • Li Yu, Baoying Emperor, r. 762-779

  • Li Kuo, Jianzhong Emperor, r. 780-805

  • Li Song, Yongzhen Emperor, r. 805

  • Li Chun, Yuanhe Emperor, r. 806-820

  • Li Heng, Changqing Emperor, r. 821-824

  • Li Zhan, Baoli Emperor, r. 824-826

  • Li Ang, Dahe Emperor, r. 826-840

  • Li Yan, Huichang Emperor, r. 840-846

  • Li Chen, Dachong Emperor, r. 846-859

  • Li Cui, Xiantong Emperor, r. 859-873

  • Li Xuan, Qianfu Emperor, r. 873-888

  • Li Ye, Longji Emperor, r. 888-904

  • Li Zhu, Tianyou Emperor, r. 904-907

For more information, see the complete List of Chinese Dynasties.

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