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Timeline of Central Asian History, 1510-1800

The Rise of Russia


Timeline of Central Asian history from 1510 to 1800, a period of gradual growth of Russian power and influence in the region.

1517 Ottoman Turks defeat the Mamlukes, take Egypt

1522 Babur captures Kandahar

1526 Babur takes Delhi, establishes Moghul Empire in India

1552-1556 Ivan IV (the Terrible) defeats Kazan and Astrakhan Khanates

1571 Crimean Tatars sack Moscow

1715 Peter the Great leads first Russian expedition to Kazakh Steppes

1722 Afghans invade Persia, depose Safavid Dynasty

1747 Nation of Afghanistan founded under Durrani Dynasty

1768 Chinese conquer Uighur Turkestan, rename it Xinjiang

1784-1804 Establishment of Uzbek khanates at Bukhara, Kokand, and Khiva

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