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Angkor Wat Timeline

The Rise and Fall of the Khmer Empire


Banteay Srei was built in 967 C.E.

Banteay Srei temple, Cambodia, not far from Angkor Wat

Kallie Szczepanski

At its height, the Khmer Empire that built Angkor Wat and the other marvelous temples near Siem Reap, Cambodia controlled much of Southeast Asia. From what is now Burma in the west to all but a thin strip of land along the Vietnamese coast of the Pacific Ocean in the east, the Khmers ruled it all.

In the end, the Khmer Empire succumbed to drought and neighboring peoples. Its lovely monuments remain today, though, testaments to the artistry, engineering and martial prowess of the Khmers.

Timeline of Angkor Wat

• 802 C.E. - Jayavarman II is crowned, rules until 850, founds kingdom of Angkor

• 877 - Indravarman I becomes king, orders construction of Preah Ko and Bakhong temples

• 889 - Yashovarman I is crowned, rules until 900, completes Lolei, Indratataka, and Eastern Baray (reservoir), and builds Phnom Bakheng temple

• 899 - Yasovarman I becomes king, rules until 917, establishes capital Yasodharapura on Angkor Wat site

• 928 - Jayavarman IV takes throne, establishes capital at Lingapura (Koh Ker)

• 944 - Rajendravarman crowned, builds Eastern Mebon and Pre Rup

• 967 - Delicate Banteay Srei temple built

• 968-1000 - Reign of Jayavarman V, starts work on Ta Keo temple but never finishes it

• 1002 - Khmer civil war between Jayaviravarman and Suryavarman I, construction begins on Western Baray

• 1002 - Suryavarman I wins civil war, rules until 1050

• 1050 - Udayadityavarman II takes throne, builds Baphuon

• 1060 - Western Baray reservoir finished

• 1080 - Mahidharapura Dynasty founded by Jayavarman VI, who builds Phimai temple

• 1113 - Suryavarman II crowned king, rules until 1150, designs Angkor Wat

• 1140 - Construction begins on Angkor Wat

• 1177 - Angkor sacked by the Chams, partially burned, Khmer king killed

• 1181 - Jayavarman VII, famous for defeating Chams, becomes king, sacks Chams capital in reprisal in 1191

• 1186 - Jayavarman VII builds Ta Prohm in honor of his mother

• 1191 - Jayavarman VII dedicates Preah Khan to his father

• End of 12th century - Angkor Thom ("Great City") built as new capital, including state temple at the Bayon

• 1220 - Jayavarman VII dies

• 1296-97 - Chinese chronicler Zhou Daguan visits Angkor, records daily life in Khmer capital

• 1327 - End of classical Khmer era, last stone engravings

• 1352-57 - Angkor sacked by Ayutthaya Thais

• 1393 - Angkor sacked again

• 1431 - Angkor abandoned after invasion by Siam (Thais), although some monks continue to use the site

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