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History of the Visual and Performing Arts in Asia

Traces the development of uniquely Asian artistic expression, from Chinese shadow puppets to the monumental Buddhas in Bamiyan, Afghanistan, and from Balinese gamelan dance to Japanese block-printing and Mongolian throat-singing.

Yoshitoshi Taiso's Ghosts and Demons
Yoshitoshi Taiso (1839-1892) was one of Japan's greatest woodblock print artists, but he lived a troubled life. See some of his works that depict frightening demons, ghosts and ghouls.

Chinese Opera Photos
Photo gallery of Chinese Opera pictures, including Beijing and Sichuan Opera

Kabuki Theater

History of Chinese Opera
History of the development and modern attributes of Chinese Opera, including Peking Opera, Shanghai Opera, Canton Opera, and Shanxi Opera.

Traditional Korean Masks
Carved wooden masks with exaggerated features and bright paint are one of the characteristic elements of Korean culture. Korean masks were originally used in shamanist rituals; today, they appear most often in cultural festivals. Learn about the origin and meaning of the masks, and see some of the dozens of mask designs here, as well as...

History of Gamelan
History of gamelan, Indonesia's signature traditional musical style, featuring metal percussion instruments.

The Ceramic Wars
In the sixteenth century, Japan invaded Korea twice in the Imjin War, also called the Ceramic Wars. Japan kidnapped tens of thousands of Korean artisans, including potters.

Introduction to Indonesian Gamelan Music
Briefly traces the development of Indonesian gamelan, a form of instrumental music and dance.

Modern Chinese Woodblock Prints
Chinese woodblock prints from the Communist victory in 1949 to the present day. Striking images of everyday life, as well as symbolic works.

Tuvan Throat Singing
Listen to clips of incredible throat-singers from Tuva, a mysterious region of Russian Central Asia. These singers achieve eerie and ethereal sounds by singing two or more notes at once.

Turkmen Traditional Carpet Weaving
Describes the endangered Turkmen art of hand-weaving carpets, as mechinized production displaces traditional hand looms.

What is the Best Asian History Film Ever?
What is the best Asian history movie, in your opinion? Give a film review here!See submissions

Bali's Calonarong Dance: Barong vs. Rangda
Photos and history of Bali's famous calonarong masked dance, featuring the lion Barong, representing good, versus the witch Rangda, representing evil.

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