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Who Are the Gurkha? - Asian History - About.com
The Gurkhas are famed as warriors, and both the Indian and British armies maintain Gurkha regiments. Indian Army Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw once said, ...
Gurkha Piper Division | Colonial Indian Army
Because they remained loyal to the British during the Indian Revolt of 1857, and were known as completely fearless fighters, the Gurkhas became favorites of ...
Tibet and China, page 2 - Asian History - About.com
The Gurkhas returned three years later, plundering and destroying some famous Tibetan monasteries. The Chinese sent a force of 17,000 which, along with ...
The 8th Dalai Lama and the Golden Urn - Buddhism - About.com
The Gurkhas had already been stirring up issues about coinage and trade with Tibet, probably building an excuse to invade. The Gurkhas informed the Kashag  ...
Sepoy Rebellion | The Revolt of 1857 in India
... the Punjab, the British began to recruit soldiers from the "martial races" - those peoples considered particularly warlike, such as the Gurkhas and the Sikhs.
Review of Gurkha 125th Anniversary Cigar - Cigars - About.com
... and enjoy their own cigars from local tobacco. The fondness of the British for these legendary Nepalese fighters inspired them to name their cigars Gurkhas.".
Warriors Killers and Spies in Asian History - About.com
Between 1814 and 1816, the Gurkhas of Nepal managed to fight the largest empire the world has ever seen to a standstill. The British Empire, with its crown ...
Review of Gurkha Ghost Cigar - Cigars - About.com
Review of Gurkha Ghost, a new cigar released during October 2012, just in time for Halloween.
Dateline 1902: First Attempt to Climb K2 -- Aleister Crowley - Climbing
... the ninth highest mountain, in a pure alpine style with no oxygen, no Sherpas. The attempt ended when Mummery and two Gurkhas died in an avalanche. Ads.
Which Asian Nations Were Never Colonized by Europe?
However, the Gurkhas fought so well and the land was so rugged that the British decided to leave Nepal alone as a buffer state for British India. The British also ...
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