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Rohingyas and Buddhists Clash Again in Myanmar

By October 27, 2012

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Rohingya refugees in Indonesia

Hundreds of people have died in the western Myanmar state of Rakhine since June of this year, and thousands more have been driven from their homes, in sectarian violence between Muslim Rohingya and Buddhists. Human Rights Watch has also warned that the government of Myanmar, which has been widely praised for its recent democratization moves, is engaging in a systematic program of violent repression against the Rohingyas.

The Rohingyas have long been denied citizenship in Myanmar, and suffer persecution in neighboring countries when they flee over the borders as refugees. An estimated 150 to 600 people have died in Rakine so far this year; sadly, Buddhist monks have been among those egging on the violence. Satellite photos show entire Rohingya neighborhoods completely destroyed in Rakine's cities.

Photo by Ulet Ifansasti / Getty Images.


October 30, 2012 at 3:29 pm
(1) Tejpal says:

Wherever there are muslims in some major numbers, ne can expect such bloody strifes. It is in their holy book to do so, like it or not but true. Recent address by Saudi King in Mecca of their Hajj pilgrimage is a stark testimony when the King himself encouraged the Muslims. He had no concern for the fears of non muslims vis a vis muslims. This is a one way traffic, no sane society will accept.

November 2, 2012 at 12:48 am
(2) minmachen says:

So disastrous so hateful a religion becomes through its own interpreters has been a standing instance for all other religionism. whats the need of such religion to humanity to follow when one should be far better off without any of it ? As says Osho all religions have been collecting centuries old scraps only and nothing else ,means they are too dead to come in use for the living beings.
The intellectuals should evade it for the betterment of the healthy society on this earth.

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